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Amphibian Conference
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March 10, 2012. ODOT Hilltop Conference Center. Columbus, Ohio
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8:30 AM Registration & Setup
9:00 Welcoming Remarks

9:10 The Future of Wildlife Diversity Research and Conservation Funding in Ohio

9:20 Keynote Presentation: "The" Cause of Amphibian Declines: A Developmental Endocrinologist's Perspective
Tyrone Hayes, University of California, Berkeley

10:15 Morning Break and Poster Viewing
10:40 Exploring Niche Divergence in Eastern Red-backed Salamanders
Carl D. Anthony and Cari M. Hickerson

11:00 Morphological and Molecular Evidence for Widespread Hybridization Between the Northern Ravine Salamander (Plethodon electromorphus) and the Red-backed Salamander (P. cinereus)
Richard Lehtinen, Emlyne Cassagnol, Hilary Edington, Meredith Eyre, and Anthony Steratore.

11:20 Phylogeography of the Spring Salamander, Gyrinophilus porphyriticus
Michael Haughey and Shawn Kutcha

11:40 Fluctuation and Stability: A Seven Year Study of Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) Demography and Migratory Orientations
Rebecca Homan

12:00 Lunch and Poster Viewing
1:30 Abundance, Distribution, and Habitat Associations of Unisexual Mole Salamanders (Ambystoma) in Ohio
Katherine Greenwald and H. Lisle Gibbs

1:50 Peter Pan May be Down, But Not Out! A Long-term Look at the Impact of the Lampracide TFM upon the Common Mudpuppy in the Grand River
Tim Matson

2:10 They're Declining; Now What? A Conservation Plan for the Eastern Hellbender in Ohio
Gregory J. Lipps

2:30 Some Times are Better than Others: How Time of Insecticide Exposure can Influence Anuran Metamorphosis and Development
Michelle D. Boone, Melissa Youngquist, Caren C. Helbing, and Nick Veldhoen

2:50 Afternoon Break and Poster Viewing
3:20 Seasonal and Habitat-Associated Patterns of Bd Infection in Green Frogs and Bullfrogs in Central Ohio
Chelsea Korfel and Thomas Hetherington

3:40 Influence of the Invasive Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) on Oviposition and Colonization Success of Gray Treefrogs (Hyla versicolor) in experimental mesocosms
Geoffrey R. Smith and Johanna J. Harmon

4:00 Identifying Potential Vernal Pool Restoration Sites in Ohio Using GIS
Brian Gara and Mick Miccachion

4:20 Closing Remarks and Adjourn

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The Ohio Amphibian Research and Conservation Conference is sponsored by the Ohio Division of Wildlife and The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium .