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Ohio Reptile Research & Conservation Conference

2010 Reptile Conference

Program and Agenda


2014 Reptile Conference

  [Note: This is an archived page for the 2010 conference. Click here for information on the 2014 Ohio Reptile Conference.]


March 13, 2010. ODOT Hilltop Conference Center. Columbus, Ohio
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8:30 AM Registration & Setup
9:00 Welcoming Remarks
9:10 Keynote Presentation: Living in the Trees: Ecology of Rough Green Snakes
Mike Plummer, PhD, Harding University, Arkansas
10:00 Morning Break and Poster Viewing
10:30 Foraging Ecology of the Queen Snake: An Extreme Dietary Specialist
Mark Waters
10:50 Copper-bellied Watersnake Ecology and Conservation
Bruce Kingsbury
11:10 Growth and Population Size Estimates of the Eastern Fox Snake in Ohio
Kent Bekker and Kristin Stanford
11:30 Population Genetic Structure and Gene Flow in the Eastern Massasauga: Effect of Drift in a Highly Fragmented Species
Jimmy Chiucchi and H. Lisle Gibbs
11:50 AM Lunch and Poster Viewing
1:30 PM Unraveling the History of the Short-headed Gartersnake in Ohio
Raymond Novotny
1:50 Relocation Success of the Lake Erie Watersnake During a Large-Scale Development Project
Kristin Stanford, Keith Hanson, and Amy Kruzer
2:10 The Importance of Field Logs to Reptile Research & Conservation
Doug Wynn
2:30 Afternoon Break
3:00 Updated Distribution of Softshell Turtles in Ohio
Jeffrey G. Davis and Paul J. Krusling
3:20 Eastern Box Turtles in Northern Ohio: Distribution and Landscape-scale Habitat Use
Gregory J. Lipps, Jr.
3:40 Habitat Use by Map Turtles in the Scioto River
Willem Roosenburg, Kathy Temple-Miller, and Matthew White
4:00 Investigation of Blanding's Turtle Ecology in Ohio and Results of Captive Head-start Efforts at the Cleveland Metroparks
James C. Spetz, Terry Robison, Richard Spence, and Christoper A. Sheil
4:20 When Habitat Protection isn't Enough: Raccoon Management on a Turtle Nesting Beach
Steve Harvey
4:40 Closing Remarks and Adjourn

2010 Reptile Conference  

The Ohio Reptile Research and Conservation Conference is sponsored by the Ohio Division of Wildlife and the Ohio Biological Survey, in conjunction with Midwest PARC.