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Your source for information about Ohio's salamanders, their habitats, and the Ohio Salamander Monitoring Program, supported by the Ohio Division of Wildlife*.

People are often surprised to learn of the incredible salamander diversity found in Ohio. From the rugged hills of southeastern Ohio, to the flat till plains of the northwest, salamanders can be found in nearly any area that contains natural habitats. In fact, the eastern United States is home to one of the most diverse salamander assemblages of anywhere in the world!

Salamanders are in the order Caudata, one of three extant orders of amphibians. As amphibians usually require both aquatic and terrestrial habitats, many believe that they are good indicators of environmental health. Recently, researchers have become alarmed about the apparent worldwide decline of amphibians species. You can help salamanders and other amphibians by learning more about them, their habitats, and programs to monitor their populations in Ohio.

What's Inside?

Ohio Salamanders - Ohio is home to 25 species of salamanders in 5 families. In addition, many salamanders with a "mix" of genetic material from two or more species are found in the state. Find out about Ohio's salamanders here.

Amphibian Habitats - Where do Ohio's salamanders live? Many are found in our forests, while some prefer Ohio's creeks, streams, and rivers. Still others may be found in springs, seeps, and vernal pools. Find about Ohio amphibian habitat here.

Monitoring - What is the health of Ohio's salamander populations? This is exactly the question the Ohio Salamander Monitoring Program is trying to answer. Find out more about this monitoring program here.

News and Events

Upcoming Meetings of Interest:

February 26, 2005: Ohio Natural History Conference, Sponsored by the Ohio Biological Survey and the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Columbus, Ohio. Details here.

March 9, 2005: Ohio Wildlife Diversity Conference, Sponsored by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Columbus, Ohio. Details here.

Coming Soon:

An online photographic key to the salamander larvae of Ohio. If you are interested in submitting photographs for this project, please contact me. All submissions will be properly credited.

Site designed and maintained by Greg Lipps. All photographs on the site taken by Greg Lipps, unless otherwise stated. *The Ohio Salamander Monitoring Program is supported by the Ohio Division of Wildlife with funds donated to the Wildlife Diversity and Endangered Species Program through the state income tax checkoff and revenues from the sale of wildlife conservation license plates. Thank you Ohio!